Traditional Butchers

Our Butchers are traditionally trained so they know how to bone out meat and what cuts make for the best style of cooking

High Quality Meats

We source high quality meat and game to sell to you, our customers. We try where we can to buy locally and ensure our suppliers meet our high standards

Good Service

Good service is what we all want when we go shopping. We offer good old fashioned service to ensure you get the right cut of meat and the right kind of shopping experience


Welcome to our website. Here at St Edmunds Butchers we want to offer you top class customer service and high quality meats and game. Over the last 20 years this butcher's shop has served Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Now under newowner ship the service will continue to grow.


We are members of The National Federation of Meat and Food Traders


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We care about the traceability of our meat and game, so we can give you the best

- Mr Neill Price